Senior Graduation

June 24, 2016

The Senior Graduation was once again an emotional affair with a mix of laughter, tears, excitement, and just a touch of sadness as Mr Lee for the last time read out the names of the graduating students who one by one ascended the stage, taking their turn at the lectern to say few words about their experience at IBSB and to thank those people who helped them along the way, before receiving this graduation diplomas. Photos were taken, caps tossed, and the graduates of 2016 moved out into the night, onto their graduation dinner (this year on Level 21 of the Intercontinental Hotel) and a night of celebration that no doubt for many went on to the early hours of morning.
On behalf of the entire IBSB Community, a heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of 2016! We look forward to tracking your progress as you join our ever expanding Alumni Community.
May you each achieve success in life and your dreams become your reality!