Year 3 Discover Rural Romania at the Village Museum

October 7, 2014

In Year 3 we are currently studying during our Cross-Curricular lessons the differences between rural and urban settings/places comparing Bucharest to the countryside. In an attempt to get to know what the Romanian countryside looks like we took our students on an educational trip to the Village Museum. There, the children walked around the beautifully preserved houses observing the materials they were made of and taking down notes about customs in rural Romania.

We were happy to have such great weather during our trip, we took many photos, and we enjoyed our time at the museum to the fullest. When it was time for lunch we sat down on the grass and had a lovely picnic, eating our packed lunch while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Thomas’s mother was kind enough to come along with us and prepared a sweet surprise for us: delicious chocolate muffins! The children were very happy to get a surprise treat.

In the end, we returned to school and the children created nice drawings joined with short pieces of writing describing their experience at the Village Museum as well as how much they loved spending time outdoors!