Year 2 and Year 5 Reading Buddies

September 17, 2014

Another year has started at IBSB and our joyful students are already into a good learning rhythm. One of the main focuses this year is ’Reading’ and students are encouraged to read both in school and at home through Scholastic Books, Guided Reading and Reading Buddies programmes. Last week, Years 2A, 2B and Year 5 got together, Ms Becky, Ms Collier and Mr Quysner carefully set buddies according to the children’s individual needs and an exciting programme came to life. Basically, Year 5s came and read with the younger ones, helped them to understand the story, explained what difficult words mean and they asked questions about the sequences and characters. It has so far been a great experience for all the children and a challenging one for Year 5s! We are looking forward to continuing this throughout the year!