The wheels on the bus go round and round

September 27, 2016

Last week Year 2 went on the Hop-on – Hop –off Bucharest City Bus Tour. They really enjoyed the trip and discovered Bucharest’s most important tourist attractions all in one single journey.

During our tour the students found out more about the city they live in and its wonderful surroundings. They looked at different types of buildings and landmarks in the city, talked about the difference between old and new buildings and discovered some of many building styles from around the city. They all spotted the Arc de Triumph which is famous in our classroom because they all drew it as part of a F.A.I.L (First Attempt In Learning) activity. In the F.A.I.L activity the children learned how important it is to keep trying and their first attempt can always be improved in time.

The children loved being on the top of the bus while seeing Bucharest from a different perspective. What a brilliant day out on a Thursday afternoon!