University Trip to the Netherlands

March 17, 2017

On March 7, 2 teachers and 14 students lined up at the Otopeni Airport immigration desk excited about the 4 days ahead. The destination, Amsterdam Airport, and thereafter 6 cities in 4 days to visit and learn all about the many university opportunities available in the Netherlands. Across the four days the students had the chance to visit six university campuses, including the University of Amsterdam, Radbaud University, University College Utrecht, Rotterdam University, Erasmus University, Leiden University, and the University of the Hague. We meet up with IBSB graduates and other students along the way who told us about their experience living and studying in the Netherlands, and also had the chance to attend lectures and get a taste of university life first-hand. We learnt that the cost of universities is 10-30% the cost of universities in England and that EU students qualify for the student load. We also learnt that if you work part-time whilst at university you don’t have to pay fees at all and are entitled to free travel throughout the Netherlands. And for anyone without an EU passport, you have the right to live and work in the Netherlands after you graduate. At the end of four very busy days, I think everyone agreed that it was a great trip, with many compelling reasons to return to study in the Netherlands.