Spring Show Super Spectacular: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

April 6, 2015

The pinnacle of the week and term was without a doubt the Spring Show where 47 of our Years 4 to 6 demonstrated self-discipline, improving performance skills, a sense of humour, a joie de vivre and the result of many weeks of learning lines, actions, songs, in the very witty ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’ that captivated a large audience of all ages. The confidence, focus, independence, and awareness of how each part contributed to a whole on stage was evident to all those in the audience as we laughed our way through what was nothing short of a stunning performance.

Special thanks to all the students for all their hard work out in to achieve such a wonderful performance. A BIG thank you also to Mr Angel, Mr Ennion, Ms Andreea, Ms Broadhurst, Ms Oana, Ms Maddie, Ms Luiza, Ms Orla and last but not least, to Ms Hunter, this year’s director extraordinaire, who together achieved a something truly magical, with the support of everybody in the Primary School, as well as the parents who helped to arrange all the costumes for the night. It was a true community event, a celebration of talent and cooperation, and with the charity raffle (Thank you to all those who donated a gift for the charity raffle which raised 3650 ron for Sfanta Macrina) an opportunity to give to those who have so little. A great night all round, and one that will surely be remembered for quite some time to come. DVDs of the performance will be available in the weeks ahead.