Year 10 Geography Field Trip

April 3, 2015

It was no April Fools for our IGCSE Geography group when Mr Storey told them they would still be doing their field trip despite the slight breeze blowing through Bucharest Wednesday afternoon. The trip was in preparation for their forthcoming exams and provided them with an insight into how and why data is collected for use in studies.

After some hesitation over the weather, the students enthusiastically set off to walk from school to the centre of the city.  Along the way they stopped at regular intervals to look at the urban environment around them. At each point they recorded data, including the amount of traffic, urban stresses such as litter, graffiti and pollution, and discussed what the main land use was.

The information collected will now be reviewed at by the students in lesson time to see how it could be used in an investigation. Thank you to Luce, Marilu, Victor and Radu for braving the elements and taking their Geographical learning outside the classroom.