A Special Visitor to Year 5 Spanish

May 26, 2017

With another school year almost over, we decided to take advantage of these last few weeks to plan a very special lesson for the Year 5 students learning Spanish.

On Thursday the 25th of May, the MFL Department invited Milena Vergara, a Year 9 student, who is a native Spanish speaker, to join our Year 5 Spanish lesson. You can’t imagine how excited the students were to talk to her. Milena fascinated them with her origins and they were eager to introduce themselves to her. Since our topic for this term has been I am the music man, it was a great opportunity to have a short introspection into South America and its Spanish speaking countries. During the lesson Milena encouraged them to speak about their favourite musical instruments and their favourite types of music and singers. She did a great job by showing them a map of South America, explaining the origin of each type of music and dance, and the students even discovered a new musical instrument “el flauta pan” and its fascinating origin. We then listened to some beautiful Spanish songs which everyone enjoyed. Finally, at the end of the lesson we all then said goodbye to Milena as she returned to the Secondary School, but are excited as she promised to return to speak to us all again soon.