Secondary School Citizenship Day

October 22, 2015

Citizenship Day is a day when the students come off the normal subject timetable to work together in their houses lead by their team captain and progress through a variety of tasks and activities. The purpose of Citizenship Days are to build community and team spirit, but also to focus student attention on community issues. On this particular day the focus was on the refugee crisis currently facing the EU and surrounding countries.

The morning was spent investigating the current mass movement of people and the refugee crisis. There were videos, talks, and discussions which culminated in students coming up with their own ideas of how to tackle the problems and present them later in the day. It was nice to see most of the students in house colours and really immersing themselves in the conversations. The middle part of the day was aimed at having fun and activities will lots of funny, ridiculous, and also challenging competitions for the houses, including buckets full of water, water art, and balloons (of course) filled with water. The final part of the day was the assembly and the chance for students to feedback about what they had learnt, as well as some ideas of how to tackle today’s problems.

A special thank you to Ms Jane Broadhurst, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and Katie Bickell , the Key Stage 3, CAS, & Charity Coordinator, for putting together a fun and challenging programme for our students. Thank you also to all the staff involved in running the day. We look forward to Citizenship Day next term.