Project-based Learning: Y9 Start-ups

May 30, 2019

The Year 9 Tourism Project was an opportunity for the students to present and be judged on their group startup projects; combining their new found knowledge of business with the history and geography of Romania.

The aim of this project was to enhance independent research and presentation skills within the context of a tourism market place, highlighting the many atteactions of Romania to prospective tourists.

The students had a wonderful morning, many of them commenting on how much they enjoyed the learning experience, asking to do more of these types of activities in the future.

The judging panel, made up of Corina Boronea, Camelia Platt, and Dr Blessy Savu looked at various aspects of the group presentations: Ms Boronea, who works within the travel industry, was particularly impressed by the depth of knowledge of the country and some of the websites that the students had created; Ms Platt felt that the bar had been set much higher than the previous years and discussed the importance of accessibility; whilst Dr Savu ejoyed looking at the projects from a business viability perspective.

All visitors and guests agreed that students did an incredible job and should be universally congratulated.
The winners for 2019 were declared ‘Peony’ – well done to Maria, Angie, Ioana, and Li, who each receive a cinema ticket as their prize.