My Perfect School – through the lens of Year 3 Students

November 10, 2014

In Year 3, during our Cross Curricular lessons we’ve been looking at how our school is organised, by comparing it to other schools in different countries, by identifying existing jobs, and by imagining a new way of organising IBSB. By discussing uniforms and creating their own school crest, children put their creative thinking to the test and the results were amazing!

During the school holiday children then shaped their ideas of a perfect school into well-built and interesting displays accompanied by imaginative written presentations. All projects were welcomed with great enthusiasm as the children had great fun presenting their work in front of their colleagues and Year 4 A and Year 4 B, who visited our class and listened to their presentations. We were pleased to see the diversity of their work, which included schools made out of candies and others made out of wood, some of which had swimming pools and beautiful libraries decked with books of all sorts. Great job everyone!