Making a Shoebox Diorama

January 15, 2016

During the school holiday the students from 2C had to make their own shoe box diorama of a scene from a story. They had to use paints and different materials to create the scenery and the characters.

When the students returned back to school they were very excited to present to the teachers and colleagues their homework projects. We, along with year 2D, were invited to see the world of Narnia, the story of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Princess Sofia, and many more wonderful stories.

Everybody was very curious and asked a lot of questions about their colleagues’ scenes, but they were also very happy and proud to present their own. The students explained which story the scene is from and which materials they chose to make it and we were all very impressed with the end result. Well done Year 2C!