Key Stage 3 Science Fair Spectacular

November 13, 2015

From flaming tornados to DIY lasers, nothing was missing from the 1st Annual IBSB Science Fair. With many aspiring scientists and meaningful projects ready to be demonstrated, the Science Department started their fun and exciting event planned for the students.

Indicators were glowing, sodium carbonate and tartaric acid was making scientific clouds, potatoes were powering whole LED clocks and many more note-worthy projects were on display that day.

Since many participants had been working on their Science Fair projects for a long time everyone was ready to share and amuse their spectators. Even our helpful teachers were all very excited throughout the whole day.

Once we were all set up and ready to share our knowledge, our audience started piling in. Demonstration after demonstration, we were finally done with this stirring event. Something we would later look back to and remember as an event you wouldn’t want to miss.

At the very end we all packed away our well-rounded projects and headed home to share parts of our tiring but lively day to our friends and family.

It was certainly an event that students were thrilled to have participated in.

By Kyriaki, Yr9