IBSB Students Study the Effect of Sugar on Teeth

February 9, 2017

Do you really know what happens to your teeth when you eat or drink your favourite foods? As we were studying teeth, we decided to investigate and see for ourselves!

First of all, we wanted to find out how much sugar was in some healthy and unhealthy food, so we used our numeracy skills to add, multiply, or divide in order to calculate the correct amount of grams of sugar. We then weighed the sugar and really had a shock with some of the results! It made us think twice about what we were eating. But our investigation didn’t end there.

Our next question was…what effects would the sugar have on our teeth over a period of time? We decided to test it out using eggs. We placed eggs in Coca Cola, coffee, orange juice, water, and milk; some of the most popular drinks we consume. We wanted to see if anything would change over time, and after ensuring we were performing a fair test, the experiment began! We checked the eggs each day for five days. I’m sure you can tell by our faces what we thought of the results! Although some of us had predicted which drink would have the most negative effect, we couldn’t believe how much they had discoloured and changed the shell. Not even toothpaste could erase all of the discolouring! Needless to say, we are excited about next week’s Science Week where we will be able to find out some more wonderful things about the amazing world we live in.