IBSB Students Attend First LSE MUN

February 8, 2020

With our flight to London at dawn, and catching rush hour on our way to the hotel, we had to table our plans to join the public gallery at the House of Lords. We did get our fill of art and culture, however, in our visit to the National Art Gallery, before exploring the high streets of Kensington. From our group of seven students, it is the first time to London for three of them, and as far as first impressions go, the standout comment was that all the students said they can’t wait to study in London.

On Friday we joined a walking tour of LSE, visiting their seven storey library, regarded as the most modern library in London, which offers 1-2-1 support sessions organised there by tutors, a women’s only library section, and dedicated study areas for each faculty – with kitchen areas and showers also included, and much, much more. The library also hosts free public lectures by politicians from around the world on a regular basis.
We then visited the LSE Student Union Building, with a fully equipped gym, and free 1-2-1 practice sessions for job interviews and support finding internships. The university also has 150 sports societies on campus and no classes scheduled on Wednesdays to allow for extracurricular activities.
After the tour, we undertook some training and then headed to the Opening Ceremony at Clement House, mingling with British students from schools from around London and the wider UK, talking politics and history in friendly chatter getting warmed up for MUN! It was impressive to learn that 60-70% of the LSE student body is comprised of international students.