EYFS Under the Sea

May 26, 2016

This week we continued our learning with a new weekly theme: “Under the sea”. The children learned about sea creatures; we worked on extending children’s vocabulary and supporting them in making logical connections related to sea life. They discovered the many different kinds of sea animals, drew and painted sea creatures, read books related to the theme like “Commotion in the Ocean ”, “Winnie under the sea”, “Don’t eat the teacher”, and Fidgety Fish”, and sang songs related to the theme: “I’m a Little Fish” and “Five Little Fish”. We encouraged the children to investigate and record SINK and FLOAT items in this order- we had an experiment. They were also involved in different hands- on activities, like modelling shells in playdough, shell printing on tissues, and they also enjoyed it when they painted the rainbow fish.
Another funny activity was when they fed Mr Shark- and they really loved fishing.