Do you have the perfect face?

October 15, 2018

After the students had their assessment test, Ms Marascu rewarded the Year 8 group with a fun lesson working on a unique and interesting project called: “Do you have the perfect face?”.

The students had to work in pairs to measure each other’s face to find out which girl and boy are closest to ‘The perfect face’. They used rulers to measure from nose to chin, eyes to lips, etc., calculating the mean of all of our measurements. They wrote the answer on the board and the girl and boy that had the mean closest to ‘THE GOLDEN RATIO’ won. The results showed that people in our class who are the most beautiful/handsome are Alexandra and Haidar.

Getting feedback from the students, they said that they had lots of fun and they hope to have other activities like this one.

“Overall we had a blast and I think that after all the hard work we’ve done, a fun lesson is always welcomed!”

By Ms Cristina Marascu
Head of Math and ICT department