Culinary Travelling in EAL

June 12, 2017

Last week, on Friday, all Key Stage 2 EAL groups came together for a culinary journey across five countries: China, Japan, Turkey, Israel and Romania. In EAL we aim to support our students learning English across the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and are always looking for something interesting and fun to do in the classroom. One of the approaches we use is to create connections to each child’s first language and home culture. Form this we came up with the idea of offering an International Breakfast initiative, I asked the children to each prepare a traditional meal and to present it to their colleagues in the attempt to communicate their cultural identity and share a great time together. We had Mao Tanaka bringing us Temaki from Japan, Zhentai and Tony joined effort to create more than 50 spring rolls, while Aya, Liya, Ariel and Ethan, showed great teamwork spirit coming up with a selection of three main courses and deserts that surprised and enchanted our taste buds. It was a great success – a fun and delightful experience for all the students and teachers involved- one we will surely repeat next year.