Bringing Fiction to Life in Year 6

February 24, 2016

During term 2A the Year 6 students had many enjoyable lessons on The Demon Headmaster, the great book of Gillian Cross. The title character is a strange being with the powers of hypnosis and a desire to take over the world, as he believes it will be better under his ordered rule. He has piercing light green eyes, which he normally hides behind his dark glasses- removing these in order to hypnotise his victims. After reading the 16 chapters of this fascinating book and answering lots of comprehension questions, the students had a role play. They had to imagine a dialogue between the main characters and pretend they participate in parents’ evening. Later on Year 6 children had the pleasure to organize a press conference, then they wrote a newspaper article about the Demon Headmaster who disappeared at the end of the book. All students were extremely creative when asked to write a story of the headmaster as a child and how he discovered his powers and became evil.