5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Kids

March 3, 2018

Colour Easter Eggs (a popular Romanian tradition)
Younger children and even the older ones sometimes, love painting and preparing Easter Eggs for Easter. In Romanian we have the tradition to colour the eggs and then to crack them for good luck. Maybe this year instead of just colouring them a single colour you can get a little more creative and colour eggs with a variety of patterns. It may get a bit messy, but it is sure to be a lot of fun.

Prepare an Easter Egg Hunt
I was lucky enough to grow up with a big yard and with parents who took the time to arrange an Easter Egg hunt for us as children every year. It was an amazing time and I remember being so excited as I ran from point to point reading the cryptic clues and collecting eggs along the way. It takes a little time to arrange, but is well worth it as it will be a memory for your children for life.

Arrange a few Easter Egg Games
In addition to organising an Easter Egg hunt, you can add other interesting games, like an egg and spoon relay, or setting up an obstacle course using eggs as markers, or playing a game where you have to try to roll the egg into a circle, etc. There are many different fun games you could play. Children are incredible creative, so more than likely then will come up with their own fun games.

Make Hot Cross Buns
You can celebrate Easter with these yummy breakfast treats quickly and easily. They are fun to make and great to eat with lashings of butter melting on them fresh from the oven.

Share the Story of Easter
Another great idea is to spend some quality time reading a traditional Easter story or watching an Easter movie together. In time, this might become an annual family tradition that your children look forward to and you too!