Year 9 Geography Trip to Sinaia

May 10, 2019

The Year 9 students had a well deserved day out of the classroom on Thursday this week.

We had been keeping an anxious eye on the weather forecast, but were lucky as it didn’t rain!

The purpose of their visit was to help with their preparations for their Romanian Tourism Project.

We met early at the Gara De Nord, but were hindered by the late arrival of the train, by 1 hour. However, we didn’t let the time pass, the students were set to work undertaking their Environmental Quality Study and Tourism Questionnaires in the train station.

On arrival in Sinaia the students did the same studies in their groups on the main high street. After lunch, we reconvened to trek up to the Peles Castle complex. Their final field study group work took place in this location.

The students commented on the enjoyable day that they had and how they want to have more trips out of the classroom. The trip increased their fieldwork skills and gave them plenty of practical information about tourism; to help with their projects which will be presented on the 30th of May. Mr Astbury, Mr Hudson’ and Ms Baker enjoyed their day accompanying some lovely and well behaved students.