Year 6 Cross Curricular Olympics

April 22, 2016

This week, on Monday, during Cross Curricular time, Year 6 continued to work even more on the theme of this term – The Olympic Games. First of all, the students needed to take into consideration some important things for this lesson: scale drawing, design, and awareness of space. Mr Ennion explained at the very beginning how to find out a scale on the map and how this was going to be used: the children learned how to read a scale by measuring given distances on Google Maps and using strips of paper. Excitedly they spotted IBSB on Agricultori Street on Google Maps and started to measure the length of the school. Then they tried to find out the distance from our school to the National Stadium. After that, all the students were asked to create their own map of ancient Olympic Games and to draw different types of buildings, such as a Hippodrome, Gymnasium, Palaistra, Stadium, Temple of Zeus, Boulenterion, and many others. It was a very interesting lesson about Ancient Olympia, as you can see from the photos.