Year 5E National Park Trip

November 29, 2016

Year 5E love nature and are very good writers. A perfect combination for us. In order for them to improve their descriptive writing in Romanian, we took them on a trip to the National Park, where they observed autumn’s beautiful colours, the shapes and the shadows and looked at the way the nature changes during this season. Inspired by the picturesque views, they filed in a worksheet with examples of personification, similes, and other examples of figurative language. We also got a bit of rain, which made our experience even more realistic.

Back to school, we looked at the pictures we took to refresh our memory, listened to Vivaldi’s Autumn composition and Chopin’s Nocturnes, then started to write ‘An Adventure in the Magic Park’. The students came up with lots of creative ideas which was the proof that our trip reached its target: inspire our students to see the magic of our life behind the appearance of the ordinary things.