Year 5 Outdoor Delta Adventure

June 12, 2019

Year 5 have been enjoying the natural wonders of the Danube Delta on their 2019 residential trip.

“We are currently staying in Murighiol, in the southern part of the Danube Delta. Having travelled here by coach, we haven’t seen wheels since – it has been boats all the way for us! We have been visiting different areas of the Delta, including a cruise on Monday, a Caraorman Forest expedition on Tuesday, and a Sfantul Gheorghe adventure today, which means we have done a lot of sailing around: the different branches of the Danube are interconnected by smaller channels, and our river pilots really need to know their way around. Along the way, we have seen many different species of birds and wildlife, as well as frogs, snakes, and even wild horses! It really has been a fantastic trip, and I think we will all be a little sad to leave tomorrow, but thankfully we still have Quiz Night and some morning activities to look forward to before we depart.”