Year 4M trip to Cişmigiu Park

October 5, 2016

Our first trip of the year was to Cişmigiu park where we explored the surrounding environment. Our theme was It’s a Bug’s Life, so this trip gave us a great opportunity to apply our knowledge about insects and plants. The children were enthusiastic as they compared different features, shapes and textures of plants. This was an excellent chance for them to show their skills from various subjects, such as numeracy (where they used non-standard measurements to measure the circumference of different trees), art (to determine different patterns of tree trunks by rubbing against the bark and creating a collage from different colours in nature), and cross curricular (the children were eager to find as many bugs as they could and see what their preferred habitats were). It was a fantastic adventure that the children benefited from and their tiredness at the end of the day was a testimony to all the hard work they completed during the day.