Year 2 Explore Bucharest & The Village Museum

September 26, 2014

This term Year 2 are learning all about Romania. We have looked at where it is in the world and the names of countries around it. We have learned the names of important places in Romania, and that we live in the capital city Bucharest. We looked at the different types of buildings and landmarks in the city, talked about the difference between old and new buildings, and discovered some of the many building styles from around the country. And so it was, on a sunny Wednesday morning that we boarded the school mini-buses and headed off to Herestrau Park to visit the village museum and explore the many buildings from rural Romania.

After a lovely lunch in the park we jumped on the City Tour Bus and took a tour of the capital. The children talked non-stop about the buildings and landmarks they recognised, and asked lots of questions about those they did not. One full circuit of the city centre later, we returned to Herestrau Park to catch the buses back to school.

It was a wonderful day full of great experiences and happy memories. It must have had an impact on the children because the following day they produced some of their finest work of the year with interesting and emotive recounts, packed full of time connectives and fantastic adjectives. Their teachers were very proud!