Year 1 Visit Animal Farm

May 28, 2015

The pupils in Year 1 have been studying animals this term. In class the children learnt how to sort animals into categories based on their features, vertebrates or invertebrates, focusing on vertebrate animals like, mammals, birds, fish, reptile and amphibians.

Big words at the beginning… not any more! Through fun and interactive activities the children learnt the differences between them and applied the new knowledge creating groups of animals. As resources we used flash cards, colouring pages, mini animal figures, interactive games on the computer and many others. But something was missing… an educational visit where children could develop their learning even more. So we went to a farm in Pantelimon where the children saw and touched animals and asked good questions about the animals’ routine. The little ones were very excited to touch the goats, to watch how a mummy-sheep feeds her lamb, to see a deer running around, and to see black piglets. They’ve never seen black pigs, nor such big chickens before! It was a great experience with many new things to learn from. It is a great quiet place, with thoughtful personnel, where you can spend a day learning about animals.