Visiting the Bruno Shelter | Community Action Service

April 23, 2021

On April 21st, the Animal Welfare CAS Team visited the Bruno Shelter for the first time in 2021. It has been a particularly challenging year for all of us due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which affected our operations in a number of ways. Nevertheless, we have continued to work hard and move forward, undeterred by recent events, determined to still achieve our goals, and were particularly excited to be able to visit the Bruno Shelter once again.

The trip out to the Bruno Shelter from IBSB took around an hour and a half, and upon arrival we were immediately greeted by the incredibly friendly caretakers who offered us treats to give to the dogs. The dogs stationed near the entrance were some of the most friendly dogs I’ve ever meet; they were so happy to see us, and approached us wagging their tails excitedly, and played with us energetically. We even had the opportunity to interact with some of the baby goats on site- it was like visiting a small animal farm.

We then entered what felt like a small hallway with dogs stationed on either side, instead of walls. This group of dogs seemed a little more lively and less friendly, as they barked excitedly in harmony when we got too close. One of them seemed a little too friendly, very keen on nibbling at my fingers when I offered a treat.

There were many highlights on this trip, including interacting with two huge Rottweilers, who let us hold and play with their puppies. Another highlight was watching this one dog constantly bark at me, while standing on top of an old washing machine. Just ordinary dog shelter business.

Some of the other main attractions were Emma, a very friendly husky, more baby goats, a massive blind dog who acted as the shelter’s mascot, and of course, the moment when we proudly handed over the funds we had raised in the last two years.

As we walked out, I stared at the nearby lake, reminiscing on this incredible year at IBSB with my fellow colleagues, all of whom have been incredibly committed to the Animal Welfare CAS Team. For those of us in Y12 who will still be here next year, we know that the next academic year will provide new opportunities to support Bruno Shelter even more than we were able to do this year, and so we can’t wait to get started and looking forward to visiting all the new friends we’ve made in 2022.

Altay Aramaz
Y12 Bruno Shelter Team member
Community Action Service