Our trip to Made by You

December 11, 2014

On the 10th of December, 2014, Year 6 went to Made by You. There we painted plates with Aztec patterns. We made circles, triangles, two headed serpents, and lots of other designs, including spears and day and month signs. The art technician gave us some special equipment. The colours were faded but we were told that when they have been in a kiln they will become much brighter. Year 6 really enjoyed this art trip. When we interviewed Gruia about the trip he said it was awesome. After that we asked Meea what she thought of the trip and she said it was fun. Finally, we asked Lin Li what she thought about the trip and she said that we were creative and all had very nice designs. Well done everyone, and thank you to Made By You for arranging such a special day for all the students in Year 6.

By Philip and Melissa, Year 6