January 31, 2017

Up bright and early on Day 2. Post breakfast, we made our way to the ‘World Forum Convention Centre’ for the first real day of THIMUN, to find ourselves upon arrival in a sea of intelligent, suited and ‘lanyarded’ young people all ready to debate their hearts out.

And IBSB were in there fighting their respective corners.

What a buzz to see our MUNners discussing papers, ideas and resolutions: for some it was panic time; but we worked it all out and they argued and allied with other countries and we have several delegates pushing forward into tomorrow’s lobbying and debates.

It was a brilliant day culminating in the official Opening Ceremony, where Adriana carried our flag with pride.

The key to this event is pushing yourself outside the comfort zone: as I sat here having a coffee at 6.00pm, after a 12 hour day, it was fascinating to deal with a student asking me how to unpick Togo’s attitude towards the transparency of arms sales; we sat down and shared our knowledge and came up with an amendment to a resolution! Job done!!!

More tomorrow!