St Nicholas Day for the children from Sfanta Macrina

December 13, 2014

St Nicholas Day was a grand success once again last year thanks to the generous donations of many students like Ana (Year 11) who brought in an abundance of Finetti, candy, and socks! Three students in KS3 also chose to selflessly give leftover money from their trip to the Danube Delta to the cause. As a result, all of the children from Sfanta Macrina, day and residential programmes alike, received a sock stuffed to the brim with sweets, plus a large tub of Finetti to enjoy either at home or in the dining hall at Sfanta Macrina.
I would like to thank the entire school community for rallying together to make this special moment happen. I can assure you that for most, if not all of these children, the morning would have passed uneventfully with St Nicholas somehow overlooking them; however, we did not allow that to happen. We made a positive impact in our community, making it possible for disadvantaged children to create happy childhood memories, and most importantly, instilling hope for the future. Great job everyone!

Ms Katie Bickell