Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular enrichment is central to the educational experience offered to students at IBSB, and a core component of the Curriculum of England and Wales. At IBSB students have the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and to develop both inside and outside the classroom.

Through the Club Programme our students have the opportunity to try different sports, hobbies, and activities on the journey toward discovering new interests and talents that can be nurtured and blossom into lifelong passions. Through the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Sixth Form CAS (Community Action Service Programme), and various charity events run throughout the year, our students learn the value of teamwork and the reward that comes from community service and helping others. Through the Work Experience Programme our students have the opportunity to experience different careers in order to be better informed when choosing a university or higher education course of study. Through the House Competition, the Prefect System, and the Student Council our students have the opportunity to develop teamwork skills and take on leadership roles, becoming more confidant speaking in public-  a skill further developed in the IBSB Debating Club and Model United Nations Club. There are also opportunities for live performance, whether musical or drama, in the weekly assemblies, the school talent shows, and the school productions.

If academic rigour is at the heart of the IBSB curriculum, extracurricular enrichment is the soul that brings meaning to the lives of our students, ensuring our students graduate from IBSB not just as intelligent, confidant lifelong learners, but as passionate, emotionally mature young men and women, imbued with the capacity to form healthy relationships, and a willingness to give back to the community in a sincere and meaningful way.