Key Stage 3 Fratii Jderi Adventure

June 21, 2017

Day 1 Review: Having all arrived at our destination safely, and settled into our rooms, our students were eager and excited to start the camp with their first planned activity: walking for 4 kilometers, a quater of which was along a tiny river , requiring us to clamber over rocks so not to get wet, which we didn’t managed in the end. At the end of the walk we were all treated to a refreshing, cascading waterfall and had the chance rinse cool down after our walk. After a busy day of travelling and walking, everyone was happy to head to bed straight after dinner for a good night of sleep, knowing that tomorrow will be another full day of fun activities.

Day 2: we started our day with one hour morning sports, with the teachers getting involved too. Then breakfast and off to the swimming pool for a variety of activates and contests… more to follow.