Key Stage 3 Fratii Jderi Adventure – Day 2

June 22, 2017

Day 2: Following on from the Day 1 & 2 report yesterday, after lunch we went to the conference room and learnt all about Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyles- a well-timed message for our students in these modern fast food eating times we live in. Then, in the afternoon, we headed off to the lake on the campus to try the Tyroliane, where we made friends in addition to the three dogs on the campus- a lizard and a big frog.

Day 3: Today was our best day yet, full with fun outdoor activities and anther conference session. We started with climbing on a special wall before moving on to archery with everyone learning how to use a bow and arrow. Before lunch we also managed to fit in a fun activity on the lake: the children were supposed to swim to a lifeboat, get on it, and turn back with the boat while the other teams were throwing buckets of water at them. Everyone had a great time and laughed throughout. As very good team players, Filip, Or, Radu and Ralph all took care to help their colleagues to get on the boat and from boat on the bridge- well done guys! Thankfully, with all the rigorous outdoor activities, everyone is still in good health with just a few small bruises here an there. Now we are having lunch which will lead into our next conference session on?????