IBSB Middle School Debating Champions 2016

June 10, 2016

Well done to the IBSB Middle School Debaters for winning the 2016 Junior Sir Winston Churchill International Middle School Public Debating Champion. The IBSB team went through the entire competition undefeated , winning both of the prepared debates and their impromptu debate.

It looks like the future of debating at IBSB is secure with the younger debaters showing they have as much to offer as the senior team who have made the final of the senior competition three years in a row, winning it twice.

A big thank you to Ms Blessy Savu and Mr Afzal Shaikh for all their work preparing the team over the last year.

Enjoy the celebrations everyone!

Middle School Team: Christie Vernon, Luiza Ruptureanu, Tamara Minea, Maximilian Mihailovici.