IBSB KS3 Austrian Ski Trip – Day 7 (Final Reflections)

February 17, 2017

As we board the bus that will take us to the airport for the final leg home, I cannot help but reflect back on the past 7 days: we have had incredible weather the whole week; the students learned how to organise themselves and to help their peers in the kitchen, bringing the dishes, cleaning tables, keeping their rooms tidy, and packing their daily lunches- it’s been an education in independence; they also learned the rules of the mountain, making sure they stayed safe on the ski slopes and helped their team mates in need, and as their skills grew stronger with each day of practice, they progressed higher up the mountain. Having the right growth mind set has helped the less sporty to overcome tiredness and fatigue learning a new sport, and together we have formed a tighter community, getting to know each other much better over the last week. Watching the students share and bond on the trip has perhaps been the most rewarding experience of all. It’s been a truly great trip with many happy memories collected along the way, but now it’s finally time to head home to our families and friends, just in time to enjoy the midterm break…..yay!!!!!

Dan Boboc and Ioana Nitescu
KS3 Ski Trip Coordinators