September 28, 2022

The annual IBSB CAS Open Day took place this year on Wednesday, September 07, with several charitable organisations presenting their work to our 6th Form students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Community Action Service Programme.

Our students were enthusiastic to find out more about Light into Europe and their guide dog programme, listened with empathy to the information shared by Touched Romania, a charity that provides viable alternatives to child abandonment, showed great interest in the work carried out by Speranta pentru Tine, offering support to the children hospitalised with serious chronic illnesses, and were impressed by the visible difference made by Punctul Nordic, working to educate and empowering children living in disadvantaged communities. Help Autism also joined us, offering an interactive, eye-opening presentation that allowed the participants to understand the importance of therapy and integration for children on the autistic spectrum and how they can contribute as volunteers.

Some of the most popular presentations were those given by the Animal Welfare group along with our guests from Bruno, the Animal Shelter and Visul Luanei, an organisation involved in wildlife rescue and public education about wildlife.

Paper Tree, our school’s green project, attracted many young people keen on playing an active part in environmental protection.

Our students also found out about the work of Hospice – Casa Sperantei, one of the largest medical non-profit organisations in Romania, activating in the field of palliative care.

A new project we will support this year is Adopta O Casa La Rosia Montana, raising funds for the conservation of historical monuments and buildings at Rosia Montana, a UNESCO world heritage site.

We know for a fact that our students have been inspired to commit to these initiatives, as this week our Sixth Formers were interviewed, received their placements as volunteers, and so all our CAS projects are ready begin. We wish all our students the very best as they work to make a positive change in the lives of those less fortunate.