ESU Regional Primary School Public Speaking Competition

February 3, 2015

Every year the students in both the Primary and the Secondary school prepare and give speeches in front of their class, with the best speakers going on to compete in a school final. From here the best 8 students are selected to go on to compete in the regional ESU Public Speaking Competition, which this year included students from some 25 schools across Bucharest.

Public speaking is an important part of the IBSB program, helping to develop confidence and an important life skill, and in so doing providing students with a challenging experience and a real sense of achievement.

The final IBSB placements from the regionals are as follows:

Honourable Mentions: Ana Cristescu (Year 6), Melissa Aydogan (Year 6), Meea Stanca (Year 6),

3rd place prizes: Maria Sticlea (Year 5), & Aryan Agarwal (Year 5),

2nd place prizes: Shashwat Kumar (Year 6), Matei Atimariti (Year 6) & Beatriz Souza (Year 5).

All 8 of our students were placed in the competition and as such deserve a big congratulations!

A special thank you to Mr Ennion and Ms Hunter for preparing the students and to Ms Hewett, Ms Jones, and Mr Peet for helping out on the day.