IBSB class of 2008 Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland - MA in Business Administration

Dan Gheorghe

My name is Dan Gheorghe, year 2008 IBSB alumni. I am Romanian but I’m currently living in Switzerland, where I have been since graduating from IBSB. I remember IBSB as one of the most important and formative life experiences for me. The time spent there played a crucial role in my development and many of the things I learned and experienced while studying at IBSB have been resonating through my academic career and professional life afterwards.

Apart from all my regular classes, IBSB has introduced be to subjects such as business, economics and ICT. Without this very good foundation I would not have been able to pursue my future studies successfully and pursue a career in these fields.

What I did at University

My last year at IBSB has been critical in deciding my future path and this is also when I decided to move to Switzerland for my university studies. Even though at the time I reached Switzerland I did not know what I was going to do in my life, I believe it is no coincidence that I decided to pursue my studies revolving around the world of business, communications and technology.

I went on following the same path for my Masters and after a brief but intense work experience for global multinationals in Switzerland, I decided that I had to follow my own path and build my own story.

My activities today

Today I am an entrepreneur, having started a successful business in the competitive Swiss marketing environment over 4 years ago. I give IBSB and it’s teachers a great deal of credit for my success today, with their openness, world view and an environment that fostered communication, creativity and individuality.

I remember IBSB as one of the most important and formative life experiences for me.