Asociatia Touched Romania

Supporting “Touched Romania”

Aim and activities: Touched Romania is a Romanian-American charity caring for the needs of the new-borns abandoned in maternity hospitals and institutions, providing support and alternatives to child abandonment, and helping children with cancer and leukaemia in oncology hospitals. Our students have been active volunteers since 2008, working on the behalf of Touched Romania in the Casa Agar Maternal centre, Fundeni Hospital, and IOMC Hospital.

Casa Agar: This is the organisation’s maternal centre providing support and an alternative to child abandonment. This place is a sanctuary for those young mothers who decided not to abandon their young despite having no social or financial support. These women are embarking on a one year life changing experience at the end of which they must demonstrate themselves capable of leading an independent existence and being fully responsible and informed parents. Casa Agar also provides social support for the mothers who have left the centre – after all, the bonds that were formed in such a transforming venture are closest to what we call a family.

IOMC Hospital: Our students work in the IOMC hospital with abandoned babies aged from 3 to 9 months old, providing the vital cognitive stimulation that a child needs for normal emotional development. This is important because a well-adjusted child has a better chance of being adopted sooner and enjoy a fulfilling and normal family experience. Playing with the children is a normal part of our regular visits; an experience through which they can learn and have fun. We are also involved in fund-raising events aimed at supporting the hospital by offering the necessary medication for the children.

How can you help:

  • Donate baby care products (diapers, baby oil, baby shampoo, bottles, formula milk and baby cereals, etc.)
  • Donate baby clothes or toys (new or second hand – clean and in good shape)
  • Donate women clothes (for the mothers in Casa Agar)
  • Support by buying some of the amazing jewellery – hand made by the residents of Casa Agar
  • Contribute with donations to buy medication for the children and infants in hospitals
  • Become a volunteer yourself and give some of your time and affection to the abandoned children in the hospitals

Link to the charity: Touched Romania

News: December 2011: Our student volunteers collected packaged food to provide mothers and children from very poor families with a proper Christmas meal. Thank you to all of those who contributed with rice, pasta, flour, sugar, canned fruit, vegetables and sweets! The hospital volunteers have already collected baby clothes and raised funds for medication! Don’t miss the February handmade jewellery sale! Offer March gifts to your loved ones and all the returns will go to Casa Agar!