Alina Bajescu

Interior Product Design (BA Hons) from Birmingham City University (UK)

IBSB Class of 2012

In what way did you experience at IBSB help to shape you into the person you are today?

Throughout my whole time at IBSB, I was taught to push myself further, get better and learn to enjoy the things I do. The teachers are only there to support you along the way to achieving what you want.

Please provide a brief description of some of your treasured memories from your time at IBSB.

Being a smaller school, there was a sense of familiarity and as a community, we were quite close, teachers and pupils included. I’d say it was easy to make friends so the most treasured memory, is spending time with the people.

Which IBSB teachers stand out as having a positive impact on your education?

I would say the teachers who stand out the most are the ones who were not only very supportive, but also made me fall in love with the subjects I studied. Ms Croci (psychology), Mrs Thomas (maths) & Miss Lucy (form tutor & sociology) definitely deserve a shout out, however there are many more I am thankful for.

What skills developed at IBSB proved most useful post-graduation?

Thinking outside of the box. Coming up with creative solutions to problems and being as open minded as possible. As a designer, this is the main aspect of my job, and knowing how to think creatively and always assume theres a better way to complete a task.

What subjects did you study at A Level?
Art, Psychology, Maths 

Which University/Universities did you graduate from/will your graduate from? What Degree/s did you receive/will you receive?

I graduated with first class honours in Interior Product Design (BA Hons) from Birmingham City University (UK) Class of 2015

What are you doing now?

I’m currently working in the UK for an international company designing watches and jewellery.