THIMUN Day Five (Final Day)

February 4, 2017

All students attended their final meetings and thrashed out resolutions. We toured round to help them focus and were happy to witness Radu called up to present a point of information and later to speak from the podium itself; no mean feat for a Year 10 with a bow tie! Well done Radu!

Eventually, after 5 days of thinking and debating and discussing and amending, the two and a half thousand delegates were called to the main World Forum Theatre for the closing ceremony. Fantastic fanfares and farewells!

And then we went to the seaside for the afternoon! The teachers went on the ferris wheel; the students went to McDonalds: ’twas ever thus.

5.00am start tomorrow; but the good news is: the annual THIMUN IBSB Awards will be presented in Bucharest baggage reclaim tomorrow: students are agog!

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were the model of exemplary behaviour from start to finish and as such were the perfect ambassadors of our school community.

A very successful THUMIN Trip comes to an end.

We’ll be back again next year!