IBSBMUN 2022 Roundup

March 16, 2022

This week, the students of IBSB rose to the formidable challenge of hosting the 1st edition of IBSBMUN on the main school campus.

With the clock ticking, and the winds of fortune blowing in our favour (COVID restrictions were lifted just days before the planed start of the event) the organising committee launched into action, working over-time to ensure the success of this event.

The conference, attended by approximately 100 students from 8 schools, addressed important current issues in each of the five committees (ECOSOC, UNHRC, ICC, EUCO, HSC), and start with a training session for beginners and intermediate level participants before the official Opening Ceremony,which took place on Friday, March 11th, with Her Excellency the Turkish Ambassador to Romania, Ms Aramaz, Colin Lovering, Chairman of the BRCC, and Neil McGregor, Former BRCC Chair and Current Board Member, formally welcomed onto campus as the events headline guest speakers by Head of School, Kendall Peet.

Over the course of the two day conference, committee sessions were kept engaging by introducing a series of unexpected crises (a rarity in other MUNs) in specific committees – such as the kidnapping of the Chinese delegate from HSC, a French representative getting arrested for smuggling Russian contraband, and in ICC, Putin was tried for war crimes – to successfully keep the delegates on their toes, as they tackled not only the main topic of discussions, but also had a crash course in crisis management. Added to this were fun activities such as the trading game (buying and selling barrels of oil based on news stories).

Throughout the event, the press team, representing a plethora of news agencies from around the world, reported on committee proceedings through the respective lenses of their political perspectives. To read their articles and view a selection of event photos, please visit:

“Having hosted the first two editions of the World COBIS MUN in 2016 and 2018, it was clear that we had a high standard to maintain,” said IBSBMUN Coordinator Dr Blessy Savu “and the students certainly did not disappoint”.

The IBSBMUN provided the perfect platform to showcase student leadership and engagement throughout the conference, which ended with the official Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon, with Head of Secondary Matt Tansley inviting Eduard Iosiper, Director for EU General Affairs, and Andrei Dogaru, IBSB Head Boy (2016), to say a few words before the presentation of student awards and the closing gesture by the organising committee.

Thank you to the student organising committee, Dr Blessy Savu, the admin team, the attending delegates and chairs and staff from the participating school, the guest speakers, and our event Sponsors, Deloitte, Pro Business Solutions, and AQUA Carpatica for making this event possible.

See you at IBSBMUN 2023!