The Environment Committee and Paper Tree

Supporting: The Paper Tree and the Environment Committee

Aim and activities: Through our projects we are trying to raise awareness of environmental problems and educate all the members of our school community to be responsible users of resources.

The Paper Tree initiative: On each Thursday we collect the used paper that has been properly disposed in the Paper Tree containers, we package the paper ecologically (no plastic bags are used in the process), we sell the paper to a nearby recycling centre (0.15 RON / 1 kg), we invest the money back in to the project – buy plants or use it to raise environmental awareness.

Even though it’s sometimes hard to carry the heavy loads of paper and convince people that very little is actually needed to make a big positive difference, it is very rewarding to see that more and more students are interested in our project and are getting involved. From 2009 to this date we raised 1900 RON from recycling and other awareness activities, and we have won the first and second prize in our CAS Projects Competition. Our greatest ambition is to provide our school with a source of alternative renewable energy (solar panels).

The Environment Committee: The Environment Committee is also committed to make our school a better place that is part of a better world. The Environment Committee’s main aims are to increase awareness in our school community of the damage we cause the environment, and find ways of reducing the harmful consequences by responsible use of resources.

Our main objectives so far have been to minimise the waste of energy, and the use of plastic (such as the plastic cups used with the water-coolers). This is important because reducing waste will reduce costs, and also the harmful effects of overuse on the environment. Children who learn this in school will continue to keep this in mind, and encourage others around them to do the same. Forest clean-up events are already a tradition at IBSB. We are proud to have joined Let’s Do It Romania twice and to be WWF supporters.

How can you help:

  • Use paper on both sides before you throw it away.
  • Don’t print unless you have to! (If you are a student and your teacher agrees you can send the homework via e-mail)
  • If you decided that there is no other way to use the paper and you must throw it away, put it in the nice plastic boxes that are in each class and we’ll give it a second life by recycling.
  • Drink from a reusable bottle instead of a plastic cup.
  • Separate biodegradable garbage from recyclable materials at home.

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