Fundatia Light Into Europe

Supporting “Light into Europe”

Aim and activities: Light into Europe is a British charity whose main objective is to help the Romanian sensory disadvantaged children and young people to improve their lives, to expand their possibilities, and to become active and accepted members of the Romanian society. Since 2004, they have focused their efforts on developing support for the sight and hearing impaired. Our students have been active volunteers since 2008, working on the behalf of Light into Europe in schools for sight and hearing impaired children. Each year our students have been involved in very ambitious and equally rewarding projects. We’ve been working with hearing impaired students preparing dance shows, drama performances and helping with basic English lessons. Our Primary School also supports the training of the first guide dogs for the blind in Romania. Our students learn from a very early age that sensory impairment must not lead to exclusion. We are dedicated to educating our students in the spirit of social responsibility, acceptance, and empathy.

How can you help:

  • Become a pen-pal and support our correspondence programme to help improve the hearing impaired students’ English skills – send small cards in basic English
  • Be a fund raiser – funds are needed for the participation of the students in various events (national and international competitions and other educational activities)
  • Help support a guide dog’s upkeep and training
  • Become a volunteer, help people understand that disabled people deserve equal opportunities

Visit the organisation’s link:

News: December 2011: Our student volunteers prepared the choreography, trained fellow students and participated in a national interschool talent competition along with pupils from Centrul 3 – a Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired in Bucharest. They did a magnificent job and managed to bring forth an extraordinary energy and vibrance. The show was highly acclaimed by both the audience and the jury.