‘Back to School Collection’ Successfully Delivered

September 24, 2021

On Wednesday, the 22nd of September, the members of the CAS Club represented the IBSB community in delivering part of the ‘Back to School Collection’ to community partners Casa Agar, Touched Romania’s maternal shelter.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and a couple of residents, including Alexandra, who is eleven years old, and was very excited to receive the donations on behalf of the other resident children at school at the time of our visit. She was also very happy to receive Vlad’s illustrated letter (year 2), which read: “Draga invatacelule, iti urez noroc la invatat, sa fii cuminte ca mine si sa iti faci multi prieteni.” (translated: Dear little learner, I wish you good luck with your studies, be just as good as I am, and make lots of friends).

An IBSB student present, helping with the delivery, Qichao (year 10), said he was really impressed by how many people donated to the charities- as sorting the donations into categories took an entire club session. The donation visit itself was quite short, but rewarding, according to Augadh (year 10) who said, “I loved delivering the donation to the children, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.” The rest of the donations were delivered on the same day to Punctul Nordic Corbeanca.

Thank you to the entire IBSB community for all your support and generosity! These small acts of kindness, joined together, make a considerable difference to the lives of those in need of our support. Well done IBSB!

Johanna Croci

CAS Coordinator