Our Pre Nursery programme is a great way to introduce your child to social interaction, early learning concepts, and basic skills. The focus is play-based learning. At this age, children learn best through play. The programme is centred around fun and engaging activities to encourage your child to explore and experiment. Activities like building blocks, role-play, puzzles, and games will help your child to develop their fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking.

Communication and Language

Your child will have opportunities to listen to and read stories together, helping to develop their language and communication skills and, hopefully, a lifelong love of reading. Using engaging stories with colourful illustrations to capture their attention and imagination, we build their vocabulary and ability to express themselves. Exploring the world of rhyming also helps their language development.

Expressive Arts

Helping your child develop their sense of rhythm, coordination, and self-expression through simple dances, nursery rhymes and playing instruments is the aim. Art and craft activities encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression; they also build confidence. Using a variety of materials such as crayons, paints, playdough and different types of paper to create and explore, there is no limit to where their imagination will take them.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor play is an essential part of your child’s development and often a favourite part of their day. It helps improve physical fitness, promotes social skills, and enhances cognitive skills. We are very lucky to have a dedicated outdoor area where your child can participate in a variety of activities: riding bikes/scooters, climbing, exploring nature, building or having quiet time to sit with friends.

Every child is unique and develops at their own pace. This is why we support and challenge every child’s learning journey differently. The Pre Nursery programme has its own objectives to help them to be prepared for starting the Nursery programme the following year. Let the journey begin…

Admission to the Pre-Nursery Programme

The Pre Nursery programme is a one or two term programme designed for our youngest pupils. It enables eligible children to gain confidence and develop their social, emotional and academic skills before they join us for the full Early Years Programme (Nursery and Reception classes).

To join our Pre-Nursery group your child must already be three years old. There are two phased entry points:

Pre-Nursery Term 2 – they must be three by January 1st

Pre-Nursery Term 3 – they must be three by May 1st

Children joining Pre Nursery must be toilet trained and able to say/indicate that they need to go to the toilet. This includes being able to clean themselves. If your child has an afternoon sleep they will benefit from joining our half day programme leaving before or after lunch. If they have no afternoon sleep they are welcome to join the full day programme until 3pm. No after school extra-curricular clubs are provided for Pre Nursery, this provision begins at Nursery.