Open Enrolments for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Primary School: Years 5 and 6

With a proven track record of graduate alumni studying at many of the top universities around the world every year, learning at IBSB is much more than just passing exams with high grades.

At IBSB, the focus in Primary School is on developing the right set of values to ensure our students develop a love of learning and grow into lifelong learners.

The Primary School Curriculum follows the National Curriculum for England and offers our students a rich learning environment, challenging our students to set high goals and to strive for academic excellence in a truly international context. Our classes are taught by an international team of qualified, experienced native English teachers, each with a bilingual Romanian teaching assistant present to help ensure that each student is working toward their goals and making good progress.

The curriculum focuses on the key areas of: English, Mathematics, Computing, Modern Foreign Languages (Options: French, Spanish, German), Music, PSHE, PE.

Each of these subjects is taught discretely and as such is allotted specific time each week on the Primary Timetable. All children are expected to learn Romanian either as a native (following an adapted Romanian curriculum) or as a non-native, following the MFL (Modern Foreign Language) curriculum. English as an Additional Language (EAL) is provided for those children who join us with limited or no English, until such time as their abilities allow them to access the curriculum along with the rest of their class. To read more about Primary School Curriculum for each Key Stage please click here.

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    Located in the heart of Bucharest

    Due to its privileged central location, IBSB is easily reachable by both students and parents from any part of the city. Attracting pupils from all around Bucharest, our school is situated close to many residential areas and shopping centres, and is perfectly connected by public transportation. Our position also offers our pupils superb access to local attractions and facilities, including centrally located museums, galleries and parks.



    Where to after IBSB?

    We provide an educational environment with a proven track record where students are actively encouraged to strive for academic excellence. Every year we have students graduating with an A-A* average across 3-5 A Level subjects, with 95% of our graduating students going to study at higher education institutions both in Romania and around the world. Our students have been accepted into many top universities, such as Oxford, UCL, LSE, Cambridge, Warwick and Yale, to name just a few.


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    Phone: +40 21 253 1698
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    Florina Georgescu (Admissions & PR Officer)
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