What does the future hold?

It’s amazing to think that children starting out on their educational journey in 2021 will not graduate and enter into the workforce until 2040, when the world is predicted to be very different from the one we all know and live in today. We all see the world changing at a frantic pace, with communication, travel, and even our personal lifestyle choices being affected by the pace of technological change.

As parents, it is important therefore to have confidence that the school we choose and the educational programme being offered is preparing our children adequately for this future, anticipating the skills and competencies needed to succeed in the future workforce and in life.

Understanding the dynamism of the digital age

The digital age is here, with artificial intelligence now very much an imminent reality, and one that will certainly be realised within the working lifetime of our children. We are being told by industry leaders that robots will soon be doing many of the jobs currently performed by humans, from automated checkouts to self-driving cars, from robotic surgery to automated transport systems. The world as we know it is about to transform from the digital age to the age of AI.

Above all else, our children will need to be successful lifelong learners, able to adapt quickly to the changing times, with a very specific set of skills and competencies distinguishing man from machine, including intuition, empathy, and emotional intelligence, collaborative skills and people management competencies, creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to problem solve.

At IBSB, we are unique in that we deliver the British curriculum within the High Performance Learning framework, developing the thirty competencies students will need to become successful lifelong learners. Imbuing our Core Values and building character are also central to our educational approach, ensuring that our students are not only successful in their academic studies, but also importantly, successful in life, able to form and maintain happy, healthy relationships with colleagues and people in the wider community, and with lifelong passions and interests.

Looking for a school achieving incredible results?

We invite you to join Alan Cornish (Head of Primary), Matthew Tansley, (Head of Secondary), and Kendall Peet (Head of School) to learn how we prepare students at the International British School of Bucharest to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Join us as we take you on a journey from our Early Years Programme right through to our graduating class of 2021, explaining how our curriculum has achieved such incredible results, and can support your child’s future aspirations.

The Graduating Class of 2021


predicted to achieve university entrance qualifications


have received offers from the top 5% of universities worldwide


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