Second Chance

Supporting “Second Chance”

Aim and activities: Second Chance is a grassroots charity founded in 2002 that aims to strengthen and revitalize the five villages in the community of Berceni (about an hour’s drive north of Bucharest, with around 6.500 inhabitants) by helping and preparing people of all ages and lifestyles to meet the challenges of life.

The area suffers from a high level of unemployment, due to the closing of most of the communist-era factories years ago. This has caused an enormous increase in the number of residents living below the poverty line. The founders of Second Chance have undertaken to develop programmes that create jobs, improve education, and strengthen social cohesion among the residents. Their dedicated volunteers work closely with local authorities, school teachers and principals, social workers, sponsors, and last but not least, the villagers themselves.

PaCoRa Workshop

The PaCoRa women’s workshop is a small sustainable small business run by Berceni citizens.

In 2004, Second Chance started a training programme for a small number of Berceni’s unemployed women, teaching skills such as mosaic making and sewing. Today, five women work part time in the business, which is run by Cosmina Pandele, a native of the town of Berceni. The unique, handmade products made by these women are a wide array of mosaics and painted decorations, as well as children’s costumes. PaCoRa functions now as an independent business, providing salaries for its employees. The products they make are of high quality and are sold in Bucharest and abroad. The workshop is located in Berceni village, close to the city Ploiesti.

How can you help:

  • Support the PaCoRa workshop. Their products are of a very high quality and make great gifts
  • You can also participate in mosaic and hand craft courses organized by the workshop
  • Donate school supplies, stationary, and books for the children of Berceni;
  • Donate clothes, toys and other useful goods
  • Volunteer to help organise events (e.g. Christmas Dinner, Clean Up, etc.)
  • Direct 2% of the income tax to the charity’s projects

Link to the charity: